T20 WorldCup Final: A game of nerves and emotions combined

Cricket scorecards are on high stakes these days. And why not? it is the ICC T20 WorldCup final just around the corner. The nerves are jittery and the emotions are at their peak. Cricket is a game that has grown to be connected more with peoples emotions with each passing years. One can say that with the arrival of T20 cricket format. The interest in the game has heightened manifold. 

ICC T20 WorldCup: Hail to the Finalists:

Let us all agree on one thing. We all had written Pakistan out of the race right at the start of the tournament. And why not? The defeat from arch rivals India. Had literally destroyed the morals of both the players and the supporters. But boy did they make a come back..... And gues what? They were the first ones to enter the Finals. Fans were not fully recovered by the nerve ending 1st semi final knockout. When India and England began to play. 

The Epic Statistics:

Just as expectedly India lost to South Africa, it unexpectedly lost to England in the second knockout too. And guess what, the team that was off the charts long ago, was topping the charts like a boss. Pakistan was right there at the top. England displayed a power performance against India. Making them loose with ten wickets in hand. Some say that it is a loss that India will take a long time to recover from. With the likes of Kohli, Pant and Bhuvi. And the reach to the semi's. Who would have thought that this monsterous team will be going home without even a ticket to the finals.

ICC T20 WorldCup The Finals:

Everyone has their hearts beating and eyes fixed on the MCG ground this Sunday. To witness the Clash of The Titans. Some are even comparing the course of the events with the WorldCup of 1992 where Pakistan came out Victorious. And we must agree that the similarities are more than many. Will the results be the same? Or will England finally take its revenge? Fingers crossed. May the best team win!....

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