9 Tattoo Ideas to Surprise Your Partner

Relationship Goals: 9 Tattoos Ideas to Surprise Your Partner: Good relationships are strengthened with items or unique pieces that signify the bond between them. A couple of tattoos which are worn both by the man and the woman are one way of representing eternal love. However, there are plenty of standard styles available to choose from, so getting an amazing couple tattoo isn't too hard.

These are just a few of the best tattoo ideas for you and your partner.

1.    Crown tattoos for kings and queens

Crown tattoo designs are associated with honor, authority, and sovereign power. Individuals wearing them have long been a mark of kings and queens, and remain popular today as a matching couple tattoo idea. Choosing a crown for couples shows the love and respect they have for each other, just as a man treats his partner like the queen of his life and a woman regards her guy as the king of hers. Not only is it romantic but also a simple reminder of past regal days.

2.    Tattoo of a heartbeat

Although it is the brain that is fully responsible for what we feel, the heart has a close relationship with the emotion of love. We can't deny the fact that our hearts skip a beat whenever we are with someone we care about. Since this symbolizes how one can't live without the other, heartbeat or heart tattoos are common as couple tattoos. In certain cases, you can easily link the heartbeats of your partners with one another.

3.    Tattoo of Love Heart Arrows

Cupid is often seen as an embodiment of love, stemming from Roman mythology as the son of Venus and Mars. Imbued with his power, he is the god of love, passion, and affection. Tattoos depicting Cupid himself may not be widely seen but symbols associated with him such as arrows and hearts are widely popular among couples; a heart for the man, and an arrow for the woman - represents their deep tie formed through Cupid's grace.

4.    Tattoos of wedding rings

The ring is the penultimate symbol of love and commitment. It is the star of the wedding alongside the man and woman. The good news is that you can wear matching couple rings without having to spend thousands on expensive stones and precious metals. A ring tattoo is a finger tattoo design of a ring. Although it isn't the perfect replacement for a wedding ring, ring tattoos are a great alternative for couples who have yet to tie the knot.

5.    Tattoos with romantic quotes

Quote tattoos are one of the most meaningful tattoo designs out there as it directly speaks of their message. You can never go wrong with a quote tattoo if you are looking for something truly meaningful and straight to the point. A great thing about this tattoo is that you can choose from a wide variety of fonts to make it more appealing.

6.    Tattoo Promise

In addition to being one of the best couple ideas, a promise tattoo will also serve as a reminder for you and your partner to always keep your promises. Additionally, it's a way to symbolize your commitment to each other.

7.    Tattoo of the King and Queen

You might want to consider a King and Queen Card couple tattoo design since these two designs complement each other perfectly. However, each design can be worn alone as well.

8.    Tattoo infinity

An infinity tattoo is the most meaningful tattoo idea for the couple because it represents your love for each other that never ends. This symbol also means “limitless” in mathematics, which represents the possibilities that never end.

9.    Cartoon tattoo of a couple

A cartoon tattoo is a great addition to a King and Queen Card tattoo as it can also work as a couple of tattoos. Like the former, such tattoos complement one another but can also stand on their own. However, the cartoon tattoo of the couple is way cuter than the King and Queen Card design. 

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