Here Are Ten Inspiring Documentaries on Food and Agriculture

Here are Ten feature-length documentaries and shows to inspire and excite eaters on Blog World Today. Discover the stories behind some of your favorite chefs, learn about regenerative farming practices, or explore culinary traditions in a series that takes a fresh look at them. With chefs, authors, filmmakers, and activists featured, there's something for everyone in these films. They're both educational and entertaining.

The Olive Tree and André

This documentary follows Taiwan-born chef André Chiang, who shut down his esteemed restaurant, Restaurant André, in 2018. Chiang shocked his staff, family, friends, and the culinary world by closing his restaurant in 2018. Watch on Netflix as Chiang leaves the Michelin-star restaurant to which he has dedicated his life, and the film captures his perspective on success.

The Three Meals of the Day: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

This four-part documentary series examines the food culture of cities from Los Angeles to Marrakesh, hosted by David Chang, an American chef, author, and food critic. In each episode, a celebrity chef joins to experience the essence of these food metropoles. A series that explores global food from a unique perspective while revealing the hosts' own lives.

The Origins of Flavor

In this documentary series, viewers are taken on a culinary tour of China. Each season highlights a different region of the country and its traditional cooking methods and ingredients. The Netflix show features 12-minute episodes devoted to a single food, shedding light on the nuances of Chinese cuisine.

Collect the Information

Sanjay Racal, recipient of a James Beard Award, directs the documentary "Gather". It explores Native Americans' journey to regain their spiritual, political, and cultural aspects through food sovereignty. Viewers get to follow a chef recovering his tribe's ingredients, or a high school student illustrating the importance of buffalo. Although it highlights the damage and oppression that has taken place for centuries, it also portrays fortitude and ingenuity. Catch "Gather" on Netflix!

Growth of the Generation

Generation Growth follows the inspiring story of Bronx educator, Stephen Ritz and his journey to give low-income students across America greater opportunities through the Green Bronx Machine. This innovative gardening curriculum is set up in classrooms, giving children new ways to grow healthy produce while learning about food's powerful potential. To learn more about this remarkable mission, watch here.

High on the Hog: African American Cuisine Transformed America

In this docuseries, chef and writer Stephen Satterfield tells the history of African Americans’ influence on American cuisine. This four-part series highlights the Black cooks and culinary traditions that have shaped American culture over the last few hundred years. This series is the first of its kind to celebrate and share the deep roots of Black culinary history.

The Last Magnificent: Jeremiah Tower

During the 1970s, chef Jeremiah Tower influenced California cuisine with “Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent.” He rose to fame as one of the nation’s first celebrity chefs at Chez Panisse, where he made his name. In this documentary, chefs from Martha Stewart to Anthony Bourdain discuss Tower's life, career, and legacy. Watch it on Prime Video here.


Follow the remarkable journey of Julia Child – famed Chef, cooking teacher, author and TV personality – as she popularized French cuisine in the United States. Featuring never before seen footage, this documentary sheds light on her influential role in American culture and food, as well as impact on women in the 20th century when she rose to notoriety at the age of 50. An inspiring story of one of our nation's most beloved culinary stars, watch it now on Prime Video!

The Ground Is Yours

Watch how activists, scientists, politicians, and farmers are tackling the climate crisis with regenerative agriculture practices. The documentary, narrated by Woody Harrelson, examines the growing interest in agricultural techniques that restore soil health and sustain the environment. Watch "Kiss The Ground" on Netflix to gain powerful insights into soil regeneration. It has won 42 awards.

The Last Man Fishing

Last Man Fishing explores today's fishing practices and their effects on the planet through the lens of small-scale fishermen and experts across the nation. This documentary challenges the ethics of industrial fishing by focusing on the struggle between corporate giants and small family fishermen. In the rapidly changing seafood system, it underscores the importance of conservation and quality.


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